Chrissy Teigen, Real Life Hero, Paid A Stranger's Tuition

Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images.
Somewhere between, being the MVP of Twitter, learning to make Outback Steakhouse-worthy bloomin’ onions and birthday cakes, Chrissy Teigen made someone’s dream come true.
According to NBC News, the 31-year-old paid the beauty school tuition balance for a North Carolina woman named, Mercedes Edney.
Weeks ago, Edney set up a YouCaring crowd-funding page. “If you have followed me on social media or my business pages, you know what my goal is. I wanted to further my skin care knowledge by getting my license in esthetics,” she said on her page. “The issue is that because of my current job, the only school that I can attend does not have financial aid and the scholarships that I have looked at, you have to already be enrolled in school and/or be half way through to even be eligible so that isn't of much help to me either.”
Her goal was to raise nearly $6,000 in order to attend the Academy of Nail Technology & Esthetics in Charlotte, NC.
As of Friday, she’d raised around $300, that is, until Teigen got wind of her page. The model donated $5,605 to the soon-to-be student. “I've seen this be your passion for such a long time now. So excited to see you fulfill your dream!” Teigen said in her donation message.
Upon receiving the alert indicating that her goal had been reached, Edney assumed it was a mistake. “"I was at work, and I heard my PayPal alert go off. I saw the amount and said 'What the hell? What's wrong with PayPal?' I thought it was a glitch," she told NBC News.
Edney then tweeted her heartfelt thanks to Teigen, who responded back, “I'm really excited for you to live out your passion.”
The two have never met.

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