5 Podcasts Made For & By Black Women

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Podcasts have taken up a new role in pop culture. They’re more sophisticated than watching TV, but way less laborious — and maybe even a bit cooler — than reading books. Regular podcast listeners straddle the fence between enthused hobbyists and avid knowledge explorers. It’s as close to casually obsessed as one can get.
The beauty of podcasts is that anyone can create, record, and distribute them with relative ease. As a result, podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most diverse forms of popular media. You can count on podcasts to offer a varying range of perspectives on any given issue. There are podcasts that use satire to discuss cults and another that re-conceives Harry Potter as religious text.
And of course, there are a slew of podcasts that are made for and by Black girls, addressing everything from pop culture to sexuality to comics. So whether you already have a weekly lineup of podcasts you faithfully devour, or have never opened the podcast app on your iPhone, you’ll appreciate these Black women-led podcasts.

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