Rappers Need To Stop Objectifying Kylie Jenner In Rap Songs

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Kylie Jenner really loves being Kylie Jenner. Her makeup empire is named "Kylie Cosmetics," she has an entire clothing line featuring photos of herself, and she posts on Instagram nonstop. She's confident, she's unashamed, and she's — as she recently put it — "kylie fucking jenner." But that does not mean that she should be fair game for rappers to talk about as if she is a piece of meat, or just a talking body part (her lips, her derrière).
Just days after the news spread that the 19-year-old and her long-termish boyfriend, Tyga, are taking a break from their relationship, the reality star's name and image became the focus of a rap song. The track, "Kylie's Daddy" was released by 22 Savage (who is a different person than 21 Savage, but we'll get to him). The song was teased on TMZ today, and E! described the track as a "love song dedicated to the makeup mogul." That description is... wrong — the diss track is far from a love song.
In "Kylie's Daddy," 22 Savage raps: "I love me some Kylie like that white girl love that molly / Tyga fall dead cuz I'm tryna be her daddy. I'm a young savage a.k.a Kylie's daddy / Her booty's so big it make a n---a want to grab it." In another part of the track, a female singer named Ziggy adds "I love Kylie now more than Miley / If I was gay I'd be in that girl and smiling. I love me some Kylie I'm not going to lie / She makes me reconsider liking guys."
Comparing the young adult to the street drug molly and then calling himself her daddy is rude, gross, and unoriginal. No woman wants to be described in those terms. They're also fighting words, considering Tyga has never been a fan of hearing his girlfriend's name appear on other rapper's tracks. Additionally, Jenner has to deal with unwanted advances from 21 Savage (the original Savage — keep up) who has been publicly announcing his thirst for her for awhile.
Jenner loves rap music, dates a rapper (well, they're on a break), and is the sister-in-law of one of the most notable rappers and musicians of all time (Kanye West). Can she not get a little respect from the boys attempting to enter the game? TMZ refers to Jenner as "the prize" in the feud between 21 Savage and 22 Savage. She's not — she's a person.

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