These New Ikea Products Are Going To Free Up SO Much Space

Photo: Courtesy of IKEA
Ikea just knows the way to our hearts. Month after month, the Swedish furniture giant comes up with new products that we didn't even know we needed in our lives. Case in point: Its fresh offerings for April — an array of smart and multi-functional designs that will solve any small-space dilemma.
The collection is the brand's answer to "fluid living," which means having furniture in your apartment that can be deconstructed, folded up, and moved around on a dime. Aimed towards young people living with limited square footage (hello, us), this new batch features a cool, industrial look done in materials like lacquered metal and wood. Many of the new releases are made of wired mesh, which means you'll be able to optimize vertical space by hanging up idle objects. Click through to read all about the cleverest storage solutions from the label's latest lookbook, and be prepared to make room for them — so you'll be saving even more room.
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Storage abilities aside, this bench comes with a duvet pad, which instantly opens up a world of possibilities. It will be a handy nightstand, footrest, or sofa table.

IKEA VEBERÖD Bench, $99, available at Ikea
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Portable wardrobes are always a good call for tiny bedrooms. This textile wardrobe is the result of a brand collaboration with a tent company, and gets steadier as its contents fill up. So go head and load it up with winter coats.

IKEA VUKU Wardrobe, $12.99, available at Ikea
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Inspired by research they did in Amsterdam, the Ikea product development team and designers created this pouf, which is easier to move around than an ottoman and will cozily fit two people. They even come with handles, so you can hang them up when not in use.

IKEA DIHULT Floor Pillow, $79.99, available at Ikea.
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Got a skinny hallway? This coat rack is here to make the most out of those narrow spaces. The open shelving design creates plenty of room for boots and heels.

IKEA MACKAPÄR Coat Rack With Shoe Storage Unit, $49.99, available at Ikea.
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Hooks are often adorable, but this wooden hexagonal design is both cute and sturdy.

IKEA SKUGGIS hook $4.99, available at Ikea.
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We're big on under-bed storage, but it didn't even occur to us that couches can do double duty, too. The shelving under this sofa is an ideal place to store books and shoes.

IKEA EKEBOL Sofa, $399, available at Ikea.
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And the back of the sofa is also designed for hanging space. Genius.

IKEA EKEBOL Sofa, $399, available at Ikea.
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We're getting a minimalist-chic vibe from this bamboo shelving unit.

IKEA SVALNÄS Wall-Mounted Workspace Combination, $280, available at Ikea.
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Made with recycled materials, this coffee table is scratch-proof and will look equally at home in your kitchen or your living room.

IKEA LALLERÖD coffee table, $59, available at Ikea.
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Tangled jewelry begone: This wooden box will take care of all your messes.

IKEA SVALNÄS Shelf with storage, available at Ikea.
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Baskets like this one are great for keeping all your knickknacks contained. This gray one looks snuggly to boot, thanks to the felt material.

IKEA PUDDA Basket, $8.99, available at Ikea.
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This bench provides extra seating by your entrance without sacrificing too much floor space.

IKEA MACKAPÄR Bench With Storage Compartments, $59.99, available at Ikea.
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This coat rack does a bit of everything: It organizes your coats and hats, keeps your shoes in order, and provides a spot for you to get ready before heading out the door.

IKEA PINNIG Coat Rack, $89.99, available at Ikea.
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Products that pull double — or even triple — duty are the main focal point of this new collection. Here, the mobile VEBERÖD room divider also functions as a bench and hanging rack.

IKEA VEBERÖD Room Divider, $129, available at Ikea.
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