Ikea's New Collection Is Its Most Bohemian Yet — & We Kind Of Love It

This new Ikea collection will make you want to fly far, far away — but not before you stock up on every single item so you can return to a more colorful, boho-inspired house. And while Ikea's been killing it with new rollouts this year, these offerings will speak to your wanderlust more than ever.
The limited-edition Jassa line was influenced by Indonesian and Southeast Asian design, with the designers immersing themselves in traditional handicrafts to create the playful, free-spirited items. Everything is made from natural, raw materials and colorful fabrics.
"Jassa is a fusion of many things — not just colors and patterns," creative leader Karin Gustavsson said in a statement. "It combines modern designs with natural materials and traditional craft methods. The result is a carefree collection of fabrics and furnishings that feel fun and unique, yet somehow also familiar."
All of the natural-fiber items — including the furniture — are handmade. All of the ceramics are sprinkle-glazed by hand. Since the production was not a controlled, industrial process, everything turned out a little differently every time.
"Handicrafts, arts, and textiles are great inspirational sources. With Jassa, we’re taking familiar things like handwoven natural-fiber objects and batik textiles, and transforming them into something new and exciting," said Gustavsson.
Textile designer Paulin Machado said her designs were informed by traditional Indonesian fabrics. "The way the Jassa patterns are built up visually is very much like batik or ikat. There are lots of competing colors: pinks and yellows and blues and greens. To begin with, you wonder how they can possibly work together, but in the end they just do!"
Check out our favorite pics from the collection, ahead.

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