Where We Left Off With All The Get Down Characters

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Baz Luhrmann’s lamé and platinum-drenched Netflix drama The Get Down returns for part 2 — not season 2 — on Friday, April 7. The series follows teen Ezekiel Figueroa (Justice Smith) on his journey to hip hop super stardom, starting with his “get down” youth in the Bronx. Zeke isn't alone in this, as he's joined by his group The Get Down Brothers and girlfriend Mylene Cruz. Mylene also has her own musical hustle going as she works on becoming a disco queen to rival the likes of Donna Summers.
Part 1 also ropes in many of the teens' family members along with real-life historic events like the looting-and-fire-filled blackout of 1977.
Part 2 picks up a full year after the events of part 1, in 1978. It seems The Get Down Brothers will be a solidified act and Mylene’s music career is doing better than ever. Before you join the Get Down characters in ‘78, you’ll probably need a refresher course on the many twists, turns, and dramatics of part 1. Scroll through the slideshow for a much-needed walk down memory lane.

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