The One Beauty Product Zac Efron Is Begging You To Wear

It's not fair that one human would be blessed with epically coiffed hair, washboard abs, a voice that sounds like it's been kissed by an angel, and a perpetually great spray tan. And yet, the gods looked down upon Zac Efron with favor.
Besides being beautiful, though, you might wonder what the 29-year-old actor has to do with the beauty industry. But in fact, he's never been afraid to take risks when it comes to his look — which is something he told us all about during a virtual sit-down. (In case you're wondering, we can safely confirm that FaceTiming with Zac is as sweat-inducing as a face-to-face interview would be.) It seems fitting, then, that he was recently named the face of Hugo Boss' forthcoming cologne launching later this month at Kohls, Hugo Iced. The campaign (which you can watch it its entirety, below) celebrates "taking leaps of faith," the brand tells us — something he knows how to do. Below, he answers all our burning beauty q's.
You’re the new face for Hugo Iced. Of all the characters you’ve played in the past, which one would be most likely to wear this particular cologne?
"Let’s see, maybe the guy from Charlie St. Cloud. Or That Awkward Moment. Or 17 Again. It could work for so many of them, because it's just young, it’s fresh, it’s cool — but it’s still a little bit rugged. It’s definitely a man’s scent."
What’s the first scent memory you have?
"The first time I ever discovered cologne was with my mom at the mall. There were free samples, so I was stocking up. Basically, I put on way too many of them one day and went to school. I think they sent me out of class and made me take a shower because I smelled so bad. [Laughs.] I got made fun of for a while."
What’s your favorite smell that's not a fragrance?
"I love the smell of vetiver. I love the smell of anise. Oh, and freshly baked cookies."
What’s the weirdest beauty request a director ever asked of you for a film?
"Dress up as a chick. Put on lipstick, wear high heels. It was very freeing — I’ve always wanted to do that. [Laughs.] No, it was a little awkward, but I just owned it. You’ve got to own it."
Did you have a favorite sunscreen for all those Baywatch scenes?
"I think sunscreen is super important – we were in the sun a lot; it was super hot. You have to get a mineral block; clear zinc works really well. I like Elta MD. They make a waterproof version. Wear sunscreen every day, please. No amount of sun is safe, in my opinion."
What's your biggest beauty regret? "Do you remember the music video for 'Thong Song' by Sisqo, where he had his hair dyed silver? Back in middle school, when bleaching your hair was cool and Sublime was all the rage, I went to my mom and I was like, 'I want my hair to be silver, too!' So we bleached it, cut it short, and they put silver in it, but it ended up looking gray. I looked like a little old man. Because I didn't have glowing backlights and dancing hot chicks around, all I had was gray hair. [Laughs.]"
What do you do, grooming-wise, that makes you feel most confident?
"I'll just use sunscreen and throw on some shades. I like to keep things really simple, like Steve McQueen. That, and getting a good haircut. After you get a good haircut, how could you not feel better? It's like, 'Oh yeah, here I am!'"
Here he is, indeed.

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