25 Of The Coolest Non-Basic Fragrances You’ll Be Wearing This Fall

Ah, fall, the season when we’re inundated with a slew of new fragrance launches. If it seems like there are more and more perfumes coming out each year than the previous, that’s because there are: In 2012, for starters, there were 1,400. By 2014, that number increased to 1,620. It would be understandable for even the most ardent fragrance lover to be fatigued by all those choices. And the volume, combined with the same-y-ness of most of what’s out there (is it us, or is just about everything a fruity-floral these days?), makes finding something truly unique or special extra-challenging.
Fortunately, we're here to help! Want to smell like outer space? We got you. More into the fragrance equivalent of an Indian desert? It’s in here. Interested in a perfume that’s a dead ringer for the scent of makeup? Yep, that’s possible, too. Click through to discover some of fall’s most unusual, most captivating, and most non-basic scents.

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