All The Dogs That Should Have Been Cast In Big Little Lies

Photo: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/Courtesy of HBO.
The world of Big Little Lies is opulent and romantic, as well as treacherous and threatening. For the women of Monterey, California, life's luxuries are easily outweighed by the complexities of their personal lives, which they keep under-wraps in order to maintain their glossy, perfect image as a mother, wife, and socialite. They have perfect homes filled with imperfect people. Their children (all in the same first grade class) wear stylish clothes. Their cars are shiny and new. Nothing is overlooked in terms of outward appearance (even simple Jane, played by the youthful Shailene Woodley, gets her shit together to look presentable in her darkest hours). And while you may think, following the resonating and artful series finale on Sunday, that you know all the sneaky lies around the town, you don't. The biggest mystery of all has not yet been addressed, and I won't be satisfied until we talk about it: Why did no one own a dog?
Not one of the women have pets of any kind, and it's incredibly odd and upsetting because everyone knows that dogs improve the lives of everyone around them. Of course these deep-seeded and dangerous secrets wouldn't just go away with the presence of a puppy. But I do think it's interesting that the show runners thought no household should house woman and man's best friend.
I honestly think a dog would have significantly improved the lives of each of these women. So, I'm fixing it. As a dedicated BLL fan I have taken matters into my own hands and cast a selection carefully curated dogs, one for each of the main women (and one for Ed, played by Adam Scott, because he just screams 'Dog Person'). Big Little Woofs, season 2: let's go.

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