Chris Pine Looks Like An Entirely Different Person Without A Full Head Of Hair

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
When it comes to good hair, Chris Pine knows what’s up. His impeccably styled head of hair has always been one of the best in Hollywood, even rivaling the likes of Harry Styles and The Weeknd, but that is all but a memory now — because he chopped every last inch of it off. That's right: As of last week, Pine is officially riding the buzzcut bandwagon.
We can't say we saw this coming. Back in February, the actor was rocking his thick hair all the way down the back of his neck — it was so long, he had to tuck it behind his ears to keep it off his face. And we've never known him to make such a dramatic cut. But that doesn't mean we don't love it, and the reasons are aplenty: 1) Pine can do pull off any hairstyle he so chooses, and 2) buzzcuts have always been cool. But the real reason we dig the overnight transformation? He did the chop himself with a pair of at-home clippers.
Just like the hair ruts we all fall into every once in a while, Pine too was experiencing a bit of hair fatigue and made the beauty decision out of pure boredom. According to E! News, it all went down when he was fighting the flu and binge-watching Homeland; the actor used Rupert Friend, and his accompanying buzzed scalp, as his muse — but not without playing around first. "I went through phases. So I had long hair and a beard. And first I did a facial hair thing. That was fun. I did the mustache. I did a little General Sherman," Pine told USA Today. "Then I did a full-shaved back [of the head]. That was fun for a day." But the process was even more elaborate than that, "Then I got a fade. Then I started doing designs. And then I got real bored...I went full chop," Pine explained to the publication. Talk about snip decisions.
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