These Hairstyles Will Get You Out Of That Hair Rut

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We'd be lying if we said our desktops, Pinterest boards, and Instagram explore pages weren't loaded with hair porn. While we like stalking our friends' brunch photos, we love gathering hair inspiration. The way we see it, each shot that passes through our feed could be the haircut, dye job, or night-out look worth trying next. Suffice it to say, we love gathering inspiring new looks that breathe life back into our strands.

We pin and double-tap a lot, but it's rare that we have the time (or money) to change up our looks as often. Luckily, our obsession is your gain. If you feel like you're stuck in a serious hair rut of topknots or air-dried texture — and are looking to mix it up — you've come to the right place. Dig yourself out of the hole of hair boredom and find your next look right here.

Ahead, 33 inspiring looks our editors are loving, all of which are as attainable as they are exciting — and some even require no commitment! Go ahead, spice it up!
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Simple Accessories Are Key

Whether you enjoy them or not, holiday obligations are fast approaching. Look like you tried — without really trying — by adding a glamorous accessory. Instant polish with no work!

Try: This Chloe + Isabel comb is a dead ringer for this image and can be used numerous ways.
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The crown bump is slowly making its way back into vogue — with no Bumpit required. Tease the hair on your crown, layer in some dry shampoo, and pull it back with a couple pins. Secure the bump with a velvet ribbon and your middle school dance look just got a serious 2016 upgrade.

Tip: Hit the craft store for a simple black ribbon. Cheap and c'est chic!
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Photo: Via @laurapolko/Instagram.
Simple and sophisticated, a minimalist metal cuff adds polish to a messy ponytail or quick plait. Braid your hair halfway, then secure it at the center. Bonus? It's easier than trying to secure every last strand or layer.

Try: This cuff from Urban Outfitters comes in gold or silver — but for that price, you can get them both.
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The only thing better than a Bey-inspired braid? One with a rad accessory.

Try: Bun cuffs are a great way to hide your elastic and make the look appear effortless.
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Photo: Via @thevicstyles/Instagram.
Mix up your look with a few artfully placed bobby pins and you'll look like you didn't hit your snooze button twice.

Tip: These quirky pins from Kitsch are easy to mix and match.
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Photo: Via @kristin_ess/Instagram.
Turn your bedhead into an Instagram moment by adding a sleek accessory to a textured twist.

Tip: If you're rocking a no-makeup look, but want to dress up your style, go for shiny hair clips like these from Anthropologie.
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Photo: Via @iamkareno/Instagram.
Forget a Cut, Just Swap Your Color

Refresh your ombré highlights with a tinge of ruby at the ends — it's an easy way to tone the color you already have into something super-exciting.
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Already been a blond or brunette? Go for a fiery red this time around.
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Photographed by Victoria Adamson.
Whether you're a hair dye virgin, novice, or expert, consider trying a hue that you've never thought of before — like this neon green.
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Photo: Via @samanthamariaofficial/Instagram.
Take a note from Selena Gomez and Dakota Johnson and try a warm honey blonde for a fresh fall hue. It's basically the cold-weather version of rosé hair.
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Photo: Via @ejones920/Instagram.
Dusty rose was everywhere this summer — and no, we don't mean just Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo's new baby girl. Give it a go: This muted hue isn't going away soon.
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Photo: Via @loveisinthehair_byjanet/Instagram.
Gray balayage isn't a doom-and-gloom shade just for Halloween. This subtle gradient effect is flattering on any skin tone and length.
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Photographed by Victoria Adamson.
Small Trim, Big Impact

Frustrated growing out your pixie? Just add an undercut: Keep the sides short and turn your in-between phase into a pompadour that looks totally badass.
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Photo: Via @lucyhale/Instagram.
Hair ruts are essential moments to consider getting bangs. This eye-grazing fringe can be pulled back or blown out to fall in front of your face. Hello, Brigitte Bardot.
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Photographed by Victoria Adamson.
Going natural, but don't want to mess with your curls too much? Keep the sides two inches shorter than the top of your head and rock some height.
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Undercuts are the new business in the front, party in the back, except this time, it's on the side of your head. Flip your hair over to hide the close shave and you basically have two looks in one.
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Photo: Via @courtniep13/Instagram.
Want to go with a classic shave, but aren't ready for a full buzzcut? Take some inspo from Halle Berry and go for an undercut tattoo.
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Pixie cuts are the way to frame every face shape. While it may seem a little risky to go for the chop, it makes getting ready in the morning so much easier.
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Hide The Hot Tools

Double buns are a lot easier than they look and, often, you don't even need a hair elastic to secure them. Pull one section of hair away from your head and twist it as much as you can — this will make wrapping the hair into a mini bun much easier. Secure with a few bobby pins and you're done.
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Photo: Via @thevicstyles/Instagram.
Looking for the newest version of the flower crown? Just use your own hair.
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Photo: Via @oliviaculpo/Instagram.
Play with second-day waves or curls by throwing them in a high ponytail, Bring It On style. Don't stop there: Weave a simple plait from the front of your hairline to the top of your head— you'll have a fancy updo in seconds, sans heat.
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We love frizz and you should, too. Let your natural texture take its own shape by twisting random pieces with some styling cream to show off your hair's unique texture. Got bangs like Jasmine Sanders? Don't reach for that blowdryer or round brush — let them fall where they may and embrace the curl.
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Go big or go home with this bun. Twist all your hair as tightly as you can into a topknot and secure it as closely to the front of your head as you can. Dress it up or dress it down, this look is quick and chic.

Tip: Score serious fullness with a hair donut.
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Take that just-stepped-out-of-the-shower look from "running late" to totally cool with some mousse and flexible hairspray.
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Photo: Via @naturalrootsista/Instagram.
Is there anything more badass than a chic fauxhawk? Pull your smoothed-down hair up into small ponytails or buns in a mohawk pattern and add tons of volume spray through the lengths.
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Photo: Via @hairby_chrissy/Instagram.
Braid It...A Lot

For all of those who have watched hours of fishtail braid tutorials, this one is for you. Especially cool if you have different colors flowing throughout your mane — this will surely show off your dye job.
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Photo: Via @thevicstyles/Instagram.
These double buns and braids are cool from all angles.
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Photo: Via @kristin_ess/Instagram.
Got a short 'do you can't seem to get enough milage out of? French twist your hair four times and secure at the back of you head in mini buns — voila, an updo that lasts all day without hairspray.
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Photo: Via @kayleymelissa/Instagram.
Tired of your low pony? Trade your boredom in for a hidden braid draped down the back of your head — twist into a quick chignon and you're set.
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Photo: Via @kristin_ess/Instagram.
If you're aching to keep the length, but don't know where to put all that Rapunzel hair, twist three strands around your ponytail and pin underneath the loop.
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Don't get distracted by the thick bangs and pay attention to the Sporty Spice braid running down Lea Michele's back.
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Fishtail pigtails? We're in. Keep any bangs or layers just as loose as your braids and pull out random pieces so the look stays undone in that I-woke-up-like-this way.
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Photo: Via @kristin_ess/Instagram.
Look no further for your next fancy brunch look. The food on a Sunday afternoon is almost as exciting as all the cute pictures you're going to take, so flaunt your faux flowers (or real!) and loop some braids at random from your forehead to the back. Pin, go forth, and snap.
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