This Makeup Artist's Incredible Neon Strobing Technique Is About To Take Over Instagram

Listen closely to the way people talk about highlighter, and you’ll start to notice that it errs on the side of being just a little bit hyperbolic. Take, for example, the assurance that one’s favorite high-voltage formula is “so bright you can see it from space,” despite the fact that — let’s face it — even the best highlighter can generally only be seen from across a dimly lit room.
But the latest, most unexpected highlighting trend is a different story entirely. That’s because, in lieu of loading on your usual shimmery powders and liquids and creams for the perfect candlelit glow, one innovative makeup artist is turning to fluorescent hues and genius sculpting techniques to master something he calls “neon strobing.” Screw candles — under the light of the neon sign is where it’s at.

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Using colorful highlighters and shimmers, 18-year-old Dezzy Lopez, otherwise known as @dezzzymua on Instagram, has created some of the most unique, eye-catching looks we’ve seen yet. Once you start scrolling through the North Carolina native’s feed, it’s hard to stop — because, in one photo after another, you’ll find Lopez looking what he’s called “excessively glowy” in the best way.

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It’s safe to say that Lopez has something truly special going on, and his approach is one-of-a-kind. But we know an up-and-coming trend when we see one — and it’s just as likely that he’ll spawn a thousand imitators who are also seeking that next-level neon glow.

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