This Lipstick Vault Includes Every Color Of The Rainbow — & It's Actually Affordable

Finding the perfect liquid lipstick formula can be a daunting task, and for those of us who hate the drying feeling of traditional matte lipsticks, it can be even harder. Plus, even if you find the just-right formula that's equal parts hydrating and matte, that's not to say is any easier to pick a single color. (Seriously, how are we supposed to choose just one beige-y pink in the sea of endless options?) Luckily, Makeup Geek is solving that problem with a new liquid lipstick vault — featuring 18 brand-new shades.
Here's why this is particularly exciting: Not only is Makeup Geek’s cosmetics range extremely affordable, it also always delvers in quality. Even its single eyeshadows have a cult following — and at $6 a pan, we completely understand why. The brand’s latest innovation, though, blows any other launch out of the water.
Makeup Geek's newest lip formula, the Showstopper Creme Stain, blends a liquid lipstick with a lip stain, all while somehow maintaining a creamy consistency. Even better, you can build on the color without it looking cake-y. The stain comes in 18 gorgeous colors meant to complement any skin tone, from a variety of nudes and pinks to green and navy blue. (We can't get enough of Twerk, a moody emerald green; Bunny Hop, a bright fuchsia; and Quickstep, a cool-toned 90s beige.)
Priced at $150, it might sound steep. But when you do the math of how much you're getting for the price, each tube comes out to just $12 a pop, which is about what you'd pay for a good class of Champagne — and will last you way longer. If you're still not sold, don't worry: You can scoop up your favorite individual shade from the vault on the brand's website, too. Our only advice? You better act fast. These bad boys are limited-edition, and we have a feeling they'll sell out fast.
Makeup Geek Showstopper Creme Stain, $12, available at Makeup Geek.

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