The Meaning Behind Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Gigantic Tattoo

Photo: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri.
Behind the mass of impeccably-coiffed hair and beaming smile, Justin Trudeau is just your average jack-of-all-trades. He's the Canadian prime minister, an environmentalist, women's rights advocate, yogi, family man, and owner of quite possibly the largest arm tattoo in all of politics. Wait...what?
That's right: ICYMI, Trudeau has a piece of body art — or two, rather — taking up a considerable amount of real estate on his upper bicep. Back in 2012, he took a break from being the world's biggest heartthrob to break it down for us: The first is an orb of planet Earth, which he says that he got at age 23. Enveloping the globe is a Haida raven, which was added to the design when he turned the big 4-0, five years ago. (Hey, it beats splurging on a motorcycle or going on a shopping spree at Ed Hardy, right?)
But in the event that this development throws you off — what with his buttoned-up, suit-and-tie public image — it shouldn't. In fact, the meaning behind the ink makes plenty of sense. For starters, the obvious: Getting a tattoo of the world probably safely implies that you appreciate the world, and are willing to take the necessary steps to keep it safe, which is something he's proven time and again.
The Haida raven has a little more history, according to Huffington Post. It turns out, Trudeau's father was declared an honorary member of the Haida tribe in 1976, when he himself was serving as prime minister. In case you're unfamiliar, the Haida are native people that live in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, and parts of Alaska. Making a permanent commitment to serving a minority group? Now that's what makes our northern neighbor's leader a true celebrity.

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