We Can't Look Away From This Hypnotizing New Highlighter

Hypnosis as an altered state of human consciousness is real, but the way that it’s portrayed in pop culture is not. In the real world, there are no strange men in old-timey waistcoats swinging a pocket watch or a black-and-white spiral in front of your face. There is no zombie-like trance or carrying out anyone’s evil bidding against your will, and you will probably never hear the phrase, “You are getting very sleepy,” uttered in any kind of real-life context whatsoever.
But every so often, in your normal, non-Mystery Machine life, you may find yourself looking at something that makes you feel, well, under the influence of a suggestion not your own. You can’t look away, or rather, you don’t want to. 'Transfixed' would be the word. And the best example of such a trance? Laura Geller’s brand-new Diamond Dust Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator, which has us feeling damn near hypnotized.
The powder highlighter's 3-D design features swirls of holographic, iridescent shimmer that would impress even the most seasoned hypnotherapist. Look at it too long, and it's almost as if a faraway voice will emerge, whispering, “You are going to get out your credit card and buy this right now,” and you have no choice but to fork over the $26. If we didn’t know any better, we’d say we’ve fallen under some kind of spell — which, conveniently, is the exact excuse we’ll use when anyone asks us why we purchased yet another highlighter.

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