Watch 4 Drag Queens Put Urban Decay's Latest Product To The Ultimate Test

Makeup that doesn’t hold up to life’s daily challenges — whether you’re so on-the-go it would make a lesser human’s head spin or seated in front of a computer all day — is one of the biggest gripes of the beauty world. That’s why we have primers, setting powders, and sprays, and foundation that promises 24-hour wear. (Like, who actually wants or needs to have their makeup on for a full 24 hours?)
But a less-discussed issue that, if you listen closely, almost sounds like the sweet, sweet symphony of a tiny violin, is makeup that won’t come off. For example, a waterproof mascara that sends half your lashes down the drain along with it. Or a liquid lipstick that requires body scrub, elbow grease, and an existential crisis (because what if it never comes off?) to remove. Both serve as proof that the long-lasting makeup category does have its downfalls.
Urban Decay, the cult-favorite proprietors of makeup that really, really lasts, has come up with a line of skin care that’s intended to solve both problems. Ambitious, yes — but given the brand’s history of making the impossible possible, it just might work. For preparing your skin for makeup and keeping said makeup on, there is the Rehab collection, which includes an exfoliating skin polish, a pore-refining peel, a hydrating gel, and a lip balm. For creating a clean slate, there’s Meltdown, with four products designed to remove even the toughest formulas.
To prove the abilities of both, Urban Decay tasked four drag queens with trying the products before and after a performance, respectively. As for the results? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see — trust us, it’s worth the watch.

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