Here's Why Twitter Users Are So Amped About The New iPhone Update

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
If you tried to download the latest iPhone update, iOS 10.3, when it was released yesterday, you might have noticed that it took extra long to download. As many Twitter users have been pointing out, that's actually a very good thing.
The reason is due to an under-the-radar addition to the update, known as APFS, or the Apple File System. While it doesn't sound sexy, it will likely make some programs on your phone seem faster, and may even free up some space.
APFS replaces an older file system, known as the HFS, or Hierarchical File System. According to The Verge, HFS was a storage system originally meant for use with floppy disks. So it was definitely time for an upgrade. APFS will be able to take advantage of flash drives and other newer technology to utilize space better.
After installing 10.3, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. You may notice that you now have slightly more available space. Twitter users have been quick to call attention to and praise the improvement.
Former Apple iOS engineer Renaud Lienhart also pointed out another reason you're iPhone might feel "snappier":
Those tweaks might make apps open faster are and may improve speed when you're jumping between apps.
The more publicized feature in iOS 10.3 has been the AirPod locator that's now built into "Find My iPhone." So, if you have AirPods and are worried about misplacing one — or having it fall out — your chances of finding it again and saving yourself a $69 replacement fee are much higher.
Looking for another way to save space on your iPhone? Try this hack for optimizing your photo and music storage.

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