The Newest iPhone Update Is Going To Be A Game-Changer

Today, Apple addressed an issue that everyone has been complaining about ever since its wireless AirPods were announced: How to find your Pods if they get lost. iOS 10.3, which is rolling out to app developers today and will be available for the public in coming months, has an AirPod locater within the Find My iPhone app. (To find the app, go to your Settings and select iCloud.) If you lose one or both AirPods, you'll be able to track their location in relation to your iOS device and have them play a sound as you get closer. This is helpful, since, as Conan O'Brien pointed out, those white Pods are pretty small and tricky to find. (And replacing just one of them will set you back a steep $69.)
Photo: Courtesy Apple.
Even if you don't have or plan on buying AirPods, there are still some very useful Siri-related tools coming in iOS 10.3. Ride sharing services like Uber will be able to integrate with the virtual assistant so that you can schedule an advance pickup without picking up your phone. Banking apps will also be able to integrate with Siri and allow you to pay bills, hands free. While these updates aren't as exciting as iOS 10.2's major emoji release, they will cut out some extra steps in your day. And, hopefully, minimize your late fees.

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