Conan O’Brien Spoofed Apple’s Classic iPod Ads In The Best Way

Photo: Courtesy Apple.
Remember those iconic iPod ads from the early 2000s, where silhouettes danced to awesome music with white earbuds in their ears? Conan O'Brien decided to bring them back in a spoof of AirPods that can only be described as a work of comedic genius. You've probably heard the controversial first takes on Apple's AirPods (you can check out our review, here). The earbuds look much the same as Apple's original white EarPods, which came with every iPod (may it RIP) and iPhone purchase, but they're wireless. As a result, they look a little like the top of an electric toothbrush that you've placed in your ear for some bizarre reason. As many people have pointed out on Twitter, this particular design also means that AirPods seem remarkably easy to misplace. At $159, you definitely don't want to lose one (or both) of them. O'Brien's fake ad uses the traditional dancing silhouettes — only this time, they're wearing AirPods with less-than-optimal results. Watch O'Brien's skit, below. Then, relive the classic ads, and pick up a dance move or two, here.

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