Here's How To Use Facebook's Insanely Fun Stories Feature

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Your Facebook News Feed is about to turn into an Instagram Stories-like world, full of location-based filters, decorative coffee cups, and people-looking like Minions. Yes, Facebook Stories has officially arrived.
You've seen masks and frames before, but what really sets Facebook Camera and Stories apart is the breadth of options available (include some exclusive collaborations), and what Facebook is calling "reactive effects." If a leaf is falling from the top of your screen and you move your hand to brush it away, the leaf will respond to your touch. The same goes for other moving objects. Pretty cool, huh?
When Instagram Stories launched, everyone, including us, questioned if people would use it in the same way as they used Snapchat. The answer, in most cases, has been no. Many Instagram Stories posts are still more carefully curated than those on Snapchat. Whether the same will be true of Facebook Stories is an even more curious question, now that masks and reactive effects are at play.
Ahead, your complete guide to creating a story and taking advantage of all the silly faces Facebook has to offer.

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