Here's How To Use Facebook's Insanely Fun Stories Feature

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Your Facebook News Feed is about to turn into an Instagram Stories-like world, full of location-based filters, decorative coffee cups, and people-looking like Minions. Yes, Facebook Stories has officially arrived.
You've seen masks and frames before, but what really sets Facebook Camera and Stories apart is the breadth of options available (include some exclusive collaborations), and what Facebook is calling "reactive effects." If a leaf is falling from the top of your screen and you move your hand to brush it away, the leaf will respond to your touch. The same goes for other moving objects. Pretty cool, huh?
When Instagram Stories launched, everyone, including us, questioned if people would use it in the same way as they used Snapchat. The answer, in most cases, has been no. Many Instagram Stories posts are still more carefully curated than those on Snapchat. Whether the same will be true of Facebook Stories is an even more curious question, now that masks and reactive effects are at play.
Ahead, your complete guide to creating a story and taking advantage of all the silly faces Facebook has to offer.
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Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Welcome to your brand new News Feed! To add to your story, tap "My Story" or access the Facebook Camera directly by swiping right on the screen or tapping the camera in the upper left-hand corner.

As for the order of your friends' stories along the top of the screen: Friends that you interact with more regularly on Facebook will show up earlier.
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Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Once you're in your camera you'll find the editing tools along the bottom of the screen. To access a filter more quickly, swipe down and you'll see some location-specific effects, not unlike Snapchat's geofilters.

Facebook Camera's many effects include ones that make selfies look like paintings, similar to Snapchat's Prisma-like editing tool.
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Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
There are also playful masks that fit to or transform your face...
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Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
And branded masks created in coordination with movie studios. The masks offered with the initial rollout of Stories include ones for Wonder Woman, Power Rangers, Alien: Covenant, Despicable Me 3, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Smurfs: The Lost Village.

These masks aren't just for Facebook Stories. Beginning tomorrow, you'll also be able to use them when going Live.
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Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
There are also special artist masks, created by London-based illustrator Hattie Stewart, a self-proclaimed "doodlebomber" whose work has graced many an edgy magazine cover, and Canadian artist and writer Douglas Coupland.
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Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Once you've picked the filter, mask, or other effect and added whatever text you like, it's time to let the world to check out your masterpiece. You can share the image or video on your Timeline, add it to your story, or share with individuals or groups of friends. With the exception of adding it to your Timeline, your content will only be available for 24 hours.
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Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Here's how it will look when you send and receive direct messages. Note that just like in Snapchat, you see when someone viewed your image.
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Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Now, go play, but know this: It's going to become harder than ever to limit the amount of time you're spending on Facebook every day. Just don't let your boss catching you turning into a superhero on the clock.
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