Tyga Says Son's Spoiled, Loves "Cars, Women, & Jewelry"

Tyga is, as any dad of a four-year-old would be, concerned about how his son views the world. Specifically, he's worried that young King Cairo, for whom he's bought a grill, might be just the teensiest bit spoiled.
Here they are in matching outfits next to their matching Ferraris.

All fruits ripe

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"He likes everything that I like: cars, women, jewelry," Tyga told People of his son's priorities.
Here's Tyga and King at King's fourth birthday party, which was Ferrari-themed and attended by the most famous people in the world.

The swaggiest Littlest man doing it!!!?? happy 4th bday to the young legend!!! ??????

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"I'm trying to cut back with him on the gifts because he gets very, very spoiled. He is very spoiled," Tyga told E! News. "He thinks he is supposed to have all of that, so I have to kind of teach him that I work hard to get everything."
Here's King Cairo's head next to a Rolls Royce, with a Ferrari in the background.


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"He's kind of like, 'Pick me up from school in the Bentley in my Bentley car seat.' He's kind of like — not that he's spoiled — but that's all he knows," Tyga told E! "You've got to kind of teach him other things and that you've got to work for that stuff."
Here's King talking on a Ferrari-red phone while standing next to a Ferrari.

Ferrari summer

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In all seriousness, this is a huge challenge especially for someone like Tyga, who didn't come from a place where he had everything. A big part of his job and his career is stunting like he's got it, which he does when he's not being sued by ex-landlords for unpaid rent. His judgment is also not great; he dated Kylie Jenner when she was under 18 and got busted for sending inappropriate texts to a 14-year-old. But we can't bust him for trying. He'll be walking a tightrope with his son for his entire professional life, and have to explain the difference between public image and private priorities starting pretty much now.

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