Ryan Reynolds Is Totally Chill With Blake Lively's Sex Scenes

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Few things in this world are more fascinating than the idea of a filmed sex scene. One wonders, is it weird for the actors involved? What about the spouses of the actors? And, most importantly, how does Ryan Reynolds feel about Blake Lively's sex scenes? According to a recent interview, the actor isn't too bothered by them.
"What's it like for you to watch your wife kiss another actor?" Mickey Rapkin asked the actor in a recent interview for Elle.
"I don't mind that as much," Reynolds answered. Lest he be thought of as a creep, he added, "I don't mean that in a creepy way."
What he means is that he's been in Lively's situation before and knows that filmed sex scenes are deeply unsexy. "What people don't realize is, there are 50 or 60 tired, hungry, overworked crew members standing directly behind them," the 40-year-old explained. The average bedroom rendezvous doesn't usually include sweaty onlookers — at least, in my experience — so it's not like filmed coitus is very true to life.
This is a separate opinion from his wife Lively, who explained the horrors of watching her husband in his Deadpool sex scene montage on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.
"It's kind of torture these days, because I'm on a plane and everywhere I look every screen is my husband in a sex montage," Lively said in June. "Because everyone wants to watch Deadpool on the plane. Everyone."
If you haven't seen Deadpool, know this: This isn't your average sex montage. Deadpool actually received well-deserved praise for featuring sex acts beyond the average movie montage. (Translation: There's butt stuff.) Still, for Lively, it isn't something she wants to watch on a plane. "But like for 14 hours having your husband have mashed potatoes eaten out of his butthole...it's lovely," the 29-year-old joked.
Reynolds in general just seems comfortable with sex and other taboo topics. The actor is well-known for his blue humor. For example, in a recent interview with Jake Gyllenhaal, Reynolds referenced excrement more than a few times. The same Elle reporter asked him, "What's the weirdest place someone's yelled [maximum effort] at you?" Reynolds responded, "I'd love to be able to say 'during lovemaking,' but I'm gonna go with 'stuck in traffic.'" These are not the types of jokes that Blake Lively makes during press interviews. He jokes about poop, she actively crushes beauty standards and supports the American Civil Liberties Union. Seems like a pretty good pair to me.

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