The Best Things That Happened During Jake Gyllenhaal & Ryan Reynolds' Very Silly Interview

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There are few delights in this world as titillating as a celebrity interview that veers wildly off course. Case in point: any interview Jennifer Lawrence has ever given. Here to brighten your Monday is a giggle-filled video of Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds promoting their upcoming film, Life.
The interview, which appears to be a run-of-the-mill press tour exchange, never finds proper footing. The questions about the film go unanswered. Instead, these shenanigans ensue.
Reynolds pretends to be hit by a poison dart.
Reynolds says, "Someone from Sony is coming in right now and going" — he mimes blowing poison darts into his own neck. Sony is the distributor of the film.
Both Gyllenhaal and Reynolds wear clip-on tie pins as earrings.
Meanwhile, the interviewer (Kevin McCarthy from D.C.) is trying desperately to discuss an elaborate tracking shot from the film. Also said in this exchange: "We're idiots."
They discuss the term "big one-er" at length.
Technically, the term refers to a long tracking shot — a "one shot." But the term warps as the two explore its meaning. (Warning: They turn to potty humor. The term "big two-er" is evoked.)
At this point, Reynolds says, "Let's get out of fucktown." They do not ever successfully emerge from Fucktown — Gyllenhaal adds, "This is such a useless interview. It's so great."
Gyllenhaal tries to get the interview back on track, fails.
"You were talking about the one-shot," he says to the interviewer. Shortly after, Kevin McCarthy from D.C. is wearing two stickers on his blazer, one that reads "Ryan Reynolds" and another that reads "Jake Gyllenhaal." The stickers originally functioned as labels for the interview chairs. (Don't ask. Just watch.)
Reynolds references the musical Wicked.
In response, Gyllenhaal blows a poison dart at his co-star.
Reynolds throws Gyllenhaal under the bus.
Gyllenhaal's response: "Fuck me. Let's get out of Fucktown."
Gyllenhaal admits to being "unapproachable."
Ah, the best part yet. The actor, 36, isn't known for his amiable ways, and that's his prerogative. He's an actor, not a politician. This series of interviews is probably the silliest he's ever been on camera. Who's at fault for this delightful development? Why, Ryan Reynolds. In contrast, Reynolds is always absurd in interviews. Quick, witty, and always a little irreverent, Reynolds wins at Q&As.
"I am unapproachable in these interviews, usually, so they're just like, 'What is going on with Gyllenhaal?'" Gyllenhaal says. He then points to his co-star. "It's Reynolds."
To which, Reynolds says, "It's low-grade street drugs."
After having watched these clips several times over, I can successfully say I know absolutely nothing about the movie Life. That doesn't mean this is a useless interview, though. I can find many uses for it Like, I can watch it every Monday for the rest of the year. Or I can watch it every 15 minutes. Or I can use it to prove that Jake Gyllenhaal enjoys scatological humor.

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