This Girl's Photo Edit Is Going Viral For A Reason We Can All Relate To

If you've ever taken a incredible photo but wished that someone or something wasn't in it, let Serena Caballero teach you her ways. The teen has reached viral status on Twitter for posting a photo that she edited, which tackles the problem.
In the image, Caballero is posed, kneeling in front of a vintage car, with a friend perched on the hood. Her Twitter post, which shows the original photo and the incredibly realistic-looking edited version side-by-side, has a caption that you can probably relate to: "y'all ever stop fw someone but like the way YOU looked in the you gotta..."
Commenters commiserated, asking Caballero how she pulled off the editing magic. The answer: PicsArt. The photo editing app lets you remix one image with another, create memes and stickers, and, most importantly for this situation, draw on your photo. If you look closely, you'll see that the entire left-hand side of the image, where the friend was sitting, has been drawn over. Well played, Caballero.
Many Twitter users have also taken the opportunity to reply with hilarious edits of their own — some of which are artfully done, others which mock the amount of effort Caballero put in, and some that show very wishful thinking.
For a look at other apps that will upgrade your photo editing game, head here.

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