This Is Us' Randall Is Ripped & Fans Can't Deal

Kristin Cavallari shares a body-baring pic on social media and she's subject to pregnancy speculation. Sterling K. Brown does it and he's Babe of the Month. Typical.
But we digress. Apparently those smoothies have been paying off for This Is Us' Randall Pearson. Brown, who plays the health-conscious dad and one-third of the Big Three on the NBC drama, took to Instagram to show off the abs that he's been hiding underneath those sensible sweaters and button-downs. Totally kept the khakis, though.
The Emmy winner, who turns 41 on April 5, is currently filming The Predator, a remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1987 sci-fi action film. Apparently, the role has called for him to buff up, and costar Trevante Rhodes (of Moonlight and that Calvin Klein underwear campaign fame) has stepped up as something of a workout "inspiration."
"So, I've been working on @the_predator_movie with the wonderful @_trevante_ , & try as I might to believe otherwise...that brother reminds me every day that I'm 40 years old!" the actor posted yesterday. "Even still...thanks for the inspiration young man. It is greatly appreciated!"
Indeed. Judging by the number of times "Lawd have mercy" has popped up in Brown's comments, fans are clearly here for all the shirtless selfies they can get.
"You look fantastic!!" commented one admirer. "40 and fabulous!!"
Unfortunately for Brown, Randall's getting all the credit.
"Get on the Randall train," wrote a This Is Us fan.
"Is this friggin' Randall?!" quipped another. "Oh my lanta!"
"Oh shit, Randall's ripped," another fan noted.
There's just one problem. Brown may be 40, but his onscreen alter ego is only 36, as This Is Us likes to repeatedly remind viewers. Many of his fans joked about the age gap in the comments.
"You're 36!!!" read one comment. "What r u talking about Randall?"
Guys, do we need to explain how this TV thing works?

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