Jake Gyllenhaal FaceTimed Ryan Reynolds On Late Night & It Was Hilarious

Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC.
By now, you probably know that Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds have quite the bromance going. They've been hamming it up on the press tour for their new sci-fi film Life, which hit theaters today. The pair have been reading Google autocomplete questions about each other, getting hit by fake poison darts, and even cooking for each other. And on Thursday night, they proved just how real their friendship is when Gyllenhaal FaceTimed Reynolds during his appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.
The call came after Meyers asked whether the pair were really friends. The question is innocent enough — but these two are having too much fun together to be faking their relationship. "Is it because of my stone-cold heart?" Gyllenhaal joked about the skepticism. He explained that he didn't know Reynolds well before filming Life, but he considers him a "great dude."
To prove that they're really friends, Meyers asked Gyllenhaal to give his new bestie a FaceTime call. "Oh my god, please answer," Gyllenhaal joked. "Or don't if you're taking a bath or something."
At first, Reynolds didn't answer the call during the Late Night taping — but when Meyers went backstage to adjust his microphone, he returned Gyllenhaal's call. The actor took advantage of the opportunity, even without the host, stepping behind Meyers' desk and showing Reynolds' face to the audience to prove the call was real.
"Seth's not here, because he didn't believe we were friends," Gyllenhaal told Reynolds. The Deadpool star revealed that he was pushing a baby stroller during the call.
Meyers showed the clip during the episode, even though he wasn't a part of it — and he apologized for doubting the actors' bromance. Check out the hilarious clip below.

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