This Airline Is 100% Trolling Donald Trump Over The Laptop Ban

Photo: Jim Lo Scalzo/AP/REX/Shutterstock.
No laptop or tablet with you on your flight thanks to Trump's electronics ban? Royal Jordanian airlines has other ideas for you. This morning, the airline — clearly unhappy with the new policy — tweeted a list of suggestions for things passengers can do instead of use their digital devices.
Reported by Gizmodo, the tweet starts with "1. Read a book," continues to "7. Engage in primitive dialogue from the pre-internet era," and ends with "12. Think of reasons why you don’t have a laptop or tablet with you." That could start you on a very dark train of thought.
The Trump administration cited unspecified threats earlier this week when it issued the ban. The rule bars passengers on nonstop, U.S.-bound flights from eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa from bringing laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices in their carry-ons. They can still bring cell phones and smartphones on board, but will have to check other devices with their baggage.
The ban has also inspired Twitter poetry in Royal Jordanian airlines. Earlier this week, the airline tweeted:
"We are now poets because of you son / No one can ruin our in-flight fun," the tweet says.
This isn't the first time Royal Jordanian has taken shots at the Trump administration's policies. In February, when Trump's immigration ban was still new, the airline went after it with another tweet. It turned the word "Ban" into "Bon Voyage," and used the hashtags #DonaldTrump and #MuslimBan.
If you can't change a policy you find oppressive, you might as well skewer it on Twitter.

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