These Teen Best Friends Just Took Jealousy To A Whole New Level

Your best friend isn't really your best friend unless she's willing to make a man jealous for you. These two teens put on a masterclass in petty friendship when one of them took a mirror selfie while the other stood in the background in loose pants and a black hoodie?
The target? Men. The target is always men.
Check out their picture. Is it convincing? Kind of.
We support this. Everyone should be able to enlist their friends in their relationships, especially as teens. If you haven't had a room full of friends workshopping texts to someone that you're dating or trying to date, you haven't been a true teen.
We don't really support tricking people in your relationship. A little jealousy is healthy, but basing attention and self-worth based on another person's anger or negative feelings is a quick way to have a really dangerously unsatisfying relationship. A little jealousy, though, can mean that you care about the person and that you'd like to know what's up with them. That can quickly go overboard, but all of human experience is about striking that healthy balance.
This doesn't really qualify as too serious because it's such an obvious joke. Like, come one. It's on Twitter. You get it.
The responses on Twitter were swift. Some were humorous.
Others were decidedly unsupportive.
Things seem to be working with Jada and her boyfriend, though.

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