Reese Witherspoon Designed A Birthday Dress You Can Actually Shop

Every time I wander past Reese Witherspoon's store, Draper James, I find myself wondering, But is it secretly a movie set? Stuck in the middle of a few trendy but chill blocks (coffee shops, bike shop, street art, and sometimes a flower truck) in Nashville's 12 South neighborhood, Draper James is 100% the overdressed preppy cousin at the family dinner. There's gingham! And lace! And palm frond prints! And pet accessories! And is it just me, or does the whole place smell like pie?
Come to think of it, Draper James is a lot like Reese Witherspoon: utterly welcoming, and yet totally intimidating. (How can they possibly look so shiny and put-together all the time? And do they specifically hire staff who are unnervingly smiley? These are questions my suspicious Yankee heart asks). And yet, Witherspoon is an Oscar-winning Hollywood actress whose custom-designed birthday dress was...$325. Not exactly fast-fashion prices, but I mean, Paris Hilton just wore a $270,000 dress the other day. So. Maybe Reese isn't quite as intimidating as I imagined.
The actress, producer, lifestyle maven, and professional Southern Belle turned 41 today. She celebrated while wearing said birthday dress, which the Draper James site calls "the kind of dress that makes you look twice: The white lace bodice with navy lace trim is set off by a jacquard skirt — totally pretty and unexpected at the same time. (In other words, we love it.)"
The company also notes that while the dress was made especially for Reese to wear on her birthday, there are a limited number available for purchase, so "y'all" best shop quickly. (That "y'all" is Draper James' word choice, I swear.)
So if you're a fan of all things lace and jacquard and Southern charm, get to shopping, stat. Reese, for one, certainly seems pleased with the design. She posted an Instagram pic of herself in the dress, emerging from a Dutch door onto probably a veranda because of course, toting a bouquet of birthday balloons:
"Feeling so much birthday love today! Thank you!!! I am one lucky gal (Even @draperjames made me my own dress!)" she wrote, accompanied by the various appropriate heart, cake, and balloon emoji. But that's probably because there aren't emoji for pie and a porch swing and mint juleps...yet.

Feeling so much birthday love today! Thank you!!! I am one lucky gal ??? (Even @draperjames made me my own dress! ?)

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