Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Have Gone To Couples Therapy

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From their Settlers of Catan games to their ski trip selfies, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's marriage looks totally effortless. But relationships aren't easy for anyone, and even they've had to put a lot of work into maintaining theirs.
Bell told People on Monday that when she and her husband are struggling, they've gone to therapy to work through their problems. "We have a very healthy marriage and we got there by doing therapy when we needed it, and constantly doing fierce moral inventories," she explained.
They're by no means the first celebrity couple to seek professional help. Will Smith has spoken about going to marriage counseling with Jada Pinkett Smith, saying, "It creates a dark moment. But for me it’s the dark before the dawn. When the truth comes out and people have to say who they are and what they think, you get to know who they are."
Bell and Shepard's other secret has been honestly examining their own behavior. "We both take responsibility when we are wrong," she said.
They haven't always handled conflict so gracefully, though. During their first fight, something trivial escalated into a lot of drama, making for a funny story now.
"We were fighting about the first year of our relationship because it’s a power struggle, and we were fighting about the playlist, and I got so mad at him at one point that I refused to hold onto him," she recalled. "So I was on the back and just held onto the [bike] because I didn’t want to touch him."
Bell also talked about what it's like to have a professional relationship with your spouse. She appeared alongside Shepard in CHiPs, which he also wrote, directed, and produced, Variety reports. They also both voiced characters for the children's series Terrific Trucks, according to People.
"I think it is easy to work with him because I married him, because I enjoy spending time with him and I trust him," she said. "That is exactly what I want in someone that I work with."

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