Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell Represent Nerd ‘Verse On The Red Carpet

The Golden Globes are glamorous. They are glitzy. And for many, the celebration lasts far into the night, at after parties and, as the R. Kelly said, the hotel lobbies. But for Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, who will be presenting at the ceremony, the night shall go a little differently. The couple announced on the Golden Globe red carpet that after the ceremony tonight, they have game night. "We're gonna play Settlers of Catan at roughly 8:00," Shepard, 42, told a duo of chirpy Golden Globe interviewers. "We have a very strict 8:00 start for game night tonight," Bell, 36, added. Shepard also includes the fun fact that they'll both be in "jammies." So, no afterparty for these two presenters— something better. Because let's all admit it: a night in flannel pajamas playing Settlers of Catan with your partner is more fun than any after party. Bell said as much on the red carpet: "If anybody knew what was up, they'll all be going to game night as well." What is Settlers of Catan, you ask? It's a strategy-based board game about creating civilization. Bell and Shepard call it "nerdy," and I won't argue with that. It's a nerdy game. But for us nerds — and fans of Settlers — out there, it's nice to see our kind represented on the red carpet. See the clip of Shepard and Bell, below.

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