Here's Proof That Highlighter Isn’t Meant For Driver’s License Photos

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We get it. Highlighter is having a moment. From seeing the seemingly miraculous powders get made to finding some ingenious uses for bath-time staples, we may have reached peak highlighter. But there is such a thing as going too deep into the highlighter pool — and Teen Vogue found it. The magazine reports that beauty guru Bretman Rock, known for glowing it up on the regular, took things a little too far when he went in for his driver's license photo.
Rock's followers know that he's not shy about the shiny stuff. A cursory glance at his feed shows highlighter not only on the usual spots, like the cheekbones, Cupid's bow, and browbone, but swept on his shoulders, collarbones, and even his ears. Fierce? Definitely. Photogenic? Not always. Rock shared a few photos from his recent trip to the DMV, where he was experiencing everyone's most dreaded rite of passage: the driver's license picture. Of course, Rock piled on his favorite highlighter when he went in for the photo, but the result showed that going full-tilt isn't always so great under the harsh flashbulbs of the DMV.
He shared a photo of his license on Instagram, where the highlighter definitely took center stage, flashing back and causing some major shiny areas. While the look might be perfect for IG, it's definitely not great outside the world of filters and edits.
"Don't ever wear too much Highlighter when you take your Drivers License you'll look a hot shiny mess [...] can you believe I thought I looked cute and killing it," he captioned the picture.
This isn't the first time that Rock's had some incidents with his ID photos. His past snapshots have included a festive flower pinned in his coif and some seriously bold brows. We're guessing that he'll gladly take a new pic when it comes time to renew his driver's license, though.

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