Is Gigi's Throwback T-Shirt A Hint To Movie Producers?

Photo: Broadimage/Shutterstock/REX.
Is Gigi Hadid dropping some hints? While the model of the moment dipped her well-manicured toes into the acting world back in 2015 (she made an appearance in a short film for V Magazine), her latest fashion statement might signal her desire for some more mainstream fare. Photogs snapped Hadid out and about today in New York wearing a throwback T-shirt featuring everyone's favorite '90s after-school teen action extravaganza, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
While we're more accustomed to Hadid sending subtle love letters to her boo, Zayn Malik, through his own line of T-shirts, seeing this fun nostalgic moment is giving us some feels of our own. Who doesn't remember watching the show, choosing your favorite ranger, and play-fighting with your friends? Let's not even talk about the rush of emotions that flooded through our veins when we saw the Pink Ranger herself, Amy Jo Johnson, wear her ranger costume on Felicity.
But back to Hadid — is she dropping some hints to major movie studios? By now, you know that the Rangers are getting a reboot next week, which is decidedly Hadid-free. But what if Gigi's throwing her hat into the ring for the film's inevitable sequel? While the movie isn't even out yet, it's probably a safe bet that the franchise will get a sequel (or two), especially with Elizabeth Banks in the mix and a fierce new cast that includes the very first LGBTQ superhero in a major film. Oh and if you think someone so deeply entrenched in the fashion world wouldn't be into the Rangers, think again.
Let's just say that a Power Rangers movie would be an ideal gig for the Hadid. We're guessing choreographed fighting isn't too far removed from catwalk stomps and it goes without saying that Gigi's pretty comfortable in front of a camera. Hey, Hollywood, are you listening? Gigi's ready to kick some ass and we're here for it. Let's get on that, stat.

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