This Designer Just Sent Power Rangers Down The Runway (Yes, Really)

Photo: WWD/REX/Shutterstock.
Way back when — we're talking grade school days — the schoolyard is where real shit went down. Remember how enthralling it was scarfing down your ziplock-ed PB&J just so you could get outside to run around outside, ASAP? As you stood there, jacket around your waist, with front row seats to your classmates' breakups, makeups, and fights (plus, if you went to a performing arts school, dance battles) in the dirt? Well, this is kind of how we felt as we watched a full-on Power Ranger battle unfold on the Bobby Abley runway today at London Fashion Week Men's.
Only we're not kidding. And we're so into it. The designer, who's known for showing cartoon-splashed designs on the catwalk, sent the full lineup of Power Rangers down the runway for his fall 2017 collection in what we're deeming the coolest crime-fighting outfits we've seen since the show first aired in 1993. (It doesn't hurt the looks are donned by professional models and all.) The inspiration is legit, and according to its press release, the connection to the popular show was totally intentional.
"Putting his stamp on a piece of pop-culture history, the bright palette of the Rangers’ colorful costumes dominates the collection contrasted by neutral tan tones," according to the brand's press release. "Channeling the Power Rangers’ roots in martial arts, trailing straps in bright colors are tied around the wrist and waist as a nod to martial arts belts, and the Rangers’ dinosaur alter egos inspire stencil-like prints set against a 'BA' monogram." (Those are designer Bobby Abley's initials, of course.)
But as you'll see in the slideshow, ahead, apart from the helmet (which Abley seems to have kept in plastic), the outfits sort of resemble airport-stunting type of athleisure, which means that protecting civilians from Rita Repulsa or Lord Zedd just got that much more comfortable (and so Gen Z). And because they're designed with Abley's contemporary sportswear touch at every corner, no matter which character you identify with more — as a kid, and now — you'll look fly as hell. That's the Abley guarantee.

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