This Is Basically Your Last Chance To Shop American Apparel, Ever

If you read that headline and felt confused by the fact that American Apparel is still kicking, don't worry, you're not alone. After years of controversial business decisions, controversial CEOs, and equally controversial advertising, American Apparel filed for bankruptcy in October 2015. The beloved early-aughts go-to for all our basics and theme party needs has been on the outs for so long, its final farewell feels like it's lasted much longer than Cher's own farewell tour.
Until now, we haven't heard too much from the brand. In January, American Apparel was acquired by Canadian company Gildan, which decided to not save the retailer's 110 remaining locations. Since the acquisition, American Apparel has been quietly shuttering all of its storefronts and discounting its online stock.
American Apparel blasted inboxes everywhere this week with the somber news that these are your last few days to snag the brands' wares. They've cut prices on everything by 50% (you have to enter the code TAKE50 at checkout for the discount) for both men's and women's stock. This includes greatest-hits items, like its bodysuits and wedgie-inducing high-waisted shorts, but also the retailer's most recently-released collection for spring. Before you get too excited, the sale is pretty picked-over. Most sizes are sold out, and the majority of its "Timeless Basics" are only available in a few remaining stores.
While we're definitely feeling pangs of nostalgia for the metallic tennis skirts and neon crop tops that took center stage at many of our college fêtes, some things are probably better left in the past. There's still a few gems left on the site, though, so definitely head over there, ASAP. This is literally your last chance...

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