A Stellar Collection Of Prom Dresses That Are Actually Affordable

Photo: Courtesy of Missguided.
Move over, prom queens: according to Missguided, it's time to make room for the Prom Qween. The British fast fashion brand has always had a dedicated spot on their site for affordable dresses fit for the fashion-forward prom girl. As of today, though, they've got an entire line of prom wares that offer a fresh take on what to wear for an occasion that's often aggressively packed with tulle and overly bedazzled bodices.
The first drop includes everything from prom-ready mini dresses to two-piece pantsuits. And, true to Missguided's whole M.O., their new prom styles have a cool factor, thanks to choker necklaces and lace-up booties accompanying silk gowns. It's a refreshing message for the style conscious prom-goer that there are more options other than your typical tufted, floor-length dress. Best yet, all of the pieces sit in the $10-$250 range. So, yes, you can actually afford a dress on your babysitting-and-allowance budget.
The collection does still offer some classic prom looks, with a light color palette of clean whites, soft pastels, and nudes. But there's also a mix of prints and mini skirts that are begging to be paired with a leather jacket, formal dress code be damned. You can view Missguided's new prom collection, ahead, which will all be available this spring, just in time for the big event.