The All Time Steamiest Songs From Movie Sex Scenes

The art of the playlist is hard to master. Does this party playlist strike an appropriate balance between ironic oldies and songs that’ll be popular in six months? Does this wedding playlist have tracks that Great Aunt Ethel can dance to? While matching music to occasion is always a challenge, there's no playlist more precarious than the one designed for the bedroom.
If you’re on the quest for the perfect boudoir jams, you can learn a thing or to from filmmakers who have faced the same task. What’s the song with just the right amount of rhythm and energy to enhance the act, but not distract from it?
Each of these steamy sex scenes is a filmmakers’ attempt to answer that question. Although, when in doubt, remember: like a skeleton key, “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye is the perfect song to fit any mood. Put it on all your playlists, bedroom or otherwise.

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