The Affordable Brand Celebs Are Secretly Obsessed With

Vetements. Chanel. Saint Laurent. These are all brands we know celebs love and want to wear every chance they get. We're so used to seeing designer bags and expensive jeans on our favorite celebrities, that we almost forget how expensive they tend to be (thus making it pretty tough to copy the look when someone famous wears something we love). But, occasionally, word spreads about the brands that celebs keep kind of secret, and someone will out these starlets on the brands they wear that are actually within reach budget-wise. The latest example of this is a brand called Naked Wardrobe.
You might not ever know it, considering celebs aren't usually broadcasting the affordable pieces in their looks, and they don't usually have any designer branding, but Naked Wardrobe is an affordable brand some of the biggest stars have been wearing on the regular — the Kardashian-Jenners, Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen, and Selena Gomez are all fans of the brand, to name a few.
Sure, it may not suit your style if you're into cocoon coats and all-oversized-everything. But, the prices can't be beat (we're talking most pieces ringing in under $40). So whenever we feel like channeling our inner Kardashian or inner J.Lo — yes, she's in there, deep down! — this is the first place we're going to head.
Click on to see a few of the celebs that have worn the label, and shop their looks without breaking the bank. Let's just say we're glad this secret's out.

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