Simone Biles Got Her Very First Tattoo

Photo: Kevin WinterThe Hollywood Reporter//Getty Images.
If you tuned into the Rio Olympics last year, you probably noticed that a lot of the athletes were sporting Olympic-ring tattoos. Consider it a sort of elite-athlete rite of passage, no matter the sport or country. From divers (Tom Daley) to basketball players (Angel McCoughtry) and swimmers (Ryan Lochte), they're almost as ubiquitous as gold medals — but probably a bit easier to get. Now, you can count one very elite athlete among those who have permanently added that Olympic pride to their bodies: Final Five gymnast and all-around badass Simone Biles.
Teen Vogue reports that Biles got a simple all-black tattoo of the Olympic insignia on her forearm. Biles' boyfriend, singer-songwriter Jake Miller, documented the process for the five-time medalist on his own Instagram story.
In the first few photos, Miller shows Biles on the way to the tattoo parlor, captioned with, "Simone's about to get her first tat!!" She looks pretty excited at the prospect, too. Next, Miller shows off a reference pic of the interlocking rings and a snapshot of Biles in the chair.
Biles looks perfectly composed under the gun and Miller makes that clear with the addition of "what a champ" over the photo. In the last shot, Biles is showing off that gold-medal winning smile and the fresh ink, which is a small set of the familiar rings done in all-black ink. It's a simple and straightforward homage to the games and the reason that Biles became a household name last year. A slew of thumbs-up emoji accompanied the final photo.
The new tattoo is sure to be a constant reminder of her 2016 victories — that's four gold medals and a bronze. And perhaps when Biles heads to the 2020 Tokyo games, she'll show off new routines and the tattoo? We'll have to wait and see what's in store. In the meantime, we'll check out her moves and ink on Dancing With the Stars. Biles has our vote, but we're guessing that if she takes home the Mirrorball Trophy this season, she probably won't immortalize that with a new tattoo.

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