Simone Biles & Her Fans Respond To Haters Over Her Jake Miller Video

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
Simone Biles made her music video debut this week, and the gymnast has received a lot of love from fans for her work. The gold-medalist stars in Jake Miller's new music video for "Overnight." Biles shines in her role as Miller's love interest, and the chemistry between the pair is enough to make Zac Efron jealous. (Scroll down for video.) Twitter and the video's comments section on YouTube are full of praise, mainly from young women who idolize the Olympic champ. And for young Black women especially, Biles' venture into music is just an expansion of her ability to inspire. But, of course, there are a handful of haters for every hundred adulators. Some people have left nasty, racist comments on the video, calling the 19-year-old unattractive and lobbing terrible slurs at her. Others are shaming her for being too sexy.
Biles responded to the hateful critiques in a tweet on Thursday night, writing, "everyone forgets that I have feelings also." The athlete's supporters are out in full force, expressing how much they love the star, pledging to defend her against any meanies. "To hell with the haters. You're doing more than they could ever do. Let em tweet away with their miserable selves," one supporter wrote. "Continue being a light that you are Simone!" encouraged another.
We're glad Biles has such an army of fans behind her, because even though she's a strong woman, she's still just 19 and so new to fame. You keep doing you, Simone!

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