Jessica Chastain Claps Back At Trolls Who Don't Want To Pay For Women's Healthcare

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Jessica Chastain is a busy actress, but she's never too busy to take on the Twitter trolls. This time around, she's going after guys who try to mansplain to her why no one wants to pay for women's healthcare.
It all started with a tweet that Chastain sent out, which included a link to a Huffington Post article that President Donald Trump's healthcare plan, as is, eliminates universal maternity coverage. This would go back on a provision President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act specifically added.
Before the ACA, women could be refused coverage by their insurance companies if they were pregnant or might become pregnant in the future. Obama changed that by adding that pregnancy, maternity, and newborn care were health benefits that all plans had to cover. He also made it so that women would not be paying more than men for the same coverage, something that was common before 2010.
The reason for this Trumpcare switch, according to White House spokesman Sean Spice, was to take down insurance costs for those who don't need prenatal care. Specifically, men and older people. It's a similar explanation Republican Representative John Shimkus of Illinois gave the House of Representative earlier this month.
Chastain had something to say about all of that. "Some men don't want to pay for women's health, but sorry, you wouldn't be here without us," she wrote. "Time to show honor & respect for your mothers guys."
That tweet seemed to rub some guys the wrong way, with one person on Twitter letting Chastain know she had this healthcare thing all wrong. "Female Republicans don't want to pay for womens health either," he wrote. "This is about political/religious beliefs, not gender."
Chastain wasn't having that, though, and came back with a swift and savage tweet of her own: "Please Steven, tell me more about what women want. I need your insight."
Chastain wasn't quite done yet. When another guy let Chastain know that she was being "so patronising [sic] and condescending," not to mention "undermin[ing] all the work 'real' femminist [sic] do" she also offered up a response.
"Thank you Mark for teaching me about feminism," she wrote. "Perhaps with your help, I too can become a 'real' feminist."
The sarcasm is fire here, folks, and these guys are burnt to a crisp.
This isn't the first Chastain has gotten some pushback from men on Twitter for her political views. When she tweeted "Congrats USA, you're doing your part to keep women out of the work force" after the Senate ruled that insurance companies no longer had to cover birth control earlier this year, baseball player Matt Garza lectured her on abstinence.
In that case, Chastain didn't clap back but her fans certainly did. Maybe Chastain is right and the Trump presidency is good for feminism.

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