MLB Player Matt Garza Lectures Jessica Chastain About Birth Control

Jessica Chastain and MLB player Matt Garza got into a Twitter argument over birth control on Friday. Chastain tweeted in response to a Senate vote dictating that insurance doesn't have to cover contraceptives: "#BirthControl is no longer covered by health insurance. Congrats USA, you're doing your part to keep women out of the work force."
Garza was quick to respond to the actress' statement with at tweet of his own: "It's called abstinence, a word that has been forgotten amongst this generation," he replied. "It's the best contraceptive."
The exchange garnered some attention on Twitter, with many refuting Garza's claim that expecting abstinence is realistic, while others argued that we should have options. People also criticized him for opining on what people with uteruses should do with their bodies.
Some pointed out that Garza has six children, one of which was born when he was just 18. (Although we do not condone shaming people for their reproductive choices, whatever they may be.)
Meanwhile, Chastain has continued tweeting about the importance of access to affordable reproductive healthcare.

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