These "Relatable" Gucci Memes Are Hilarious

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci.
Collection after sparkly, eccentric Gucci collection, Alessandro Michele has proven he's not one to take the expected route when it comes to fashion. (Weren't you entertained by the comeback of the aughts-y logo T-shirt or the full-body rhinestone suit for fall '17?) His latest project is up there among the most head-scratching ones he's done while at the house: a meme-inspired campaign to promote a new collection of luxury watches, dubbed "#TFWGucci" — yup, as in "That Feeling When," the brand clarified in a press release.
Gucci apparently went directly to "international meme creators" to either riff off the label's hyper-stylized lookbook imagery and come up with their own memes, or collaborate with visual artists tapped by Michele to create what it deemed a "relatable" scenario, tied back to the timepieces. Some teeter on the brink of a Liz Lemon eye roll (how many folks know the feeling of getting ready to synchronized swim by wearing head-to-toe spring Gucci, we wonder).Others will likely get a chuckle out of Gucci fans: There are cheesy puns, familiar depictions of how we (irresponsibly) consider spending our money, and also callbacks to the sometimes-absurd following the brand has among the fashion set.
"That Feeling When Gucci is about the moment of putting on one of the watches, when the world suddenly becomes different and time slows down a little bit," writer Kyle Chayka explained on the brand's website. Michele has long been fascinated by Internet culture and found ways to integrate it to his work at Gucci: Last year, he also tapped various artists to revisit or recreate iconic artworks and infuse them with the label's signature patterns for Instagram.
The final results will be displayed at Baselworld at the end of March, but also live online for our viewing pleasure. (Gucci also provided an explainer on memes, for those who might not be familiar with this nascent art form.) We might not totally understand all of the feelings Michele laid out in his memes, but we wouldn't be opposed to deeming them #goals. Check out some of the memes, ahead, and see the Le Marché de Merveilles watches here.

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