Literally Everyone Has This Gucci T-Shirt

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2016 was Gucci's year, so it's no surprise that the brand is ending it on a high note. If you follow enough fashion folks on Instagram, you've probably noticed one of its T-shirts on your feed over and over (and over) again. The label's logo tees have taken social media by storm, and it's quickly become a ubiquitous symbol of blogger style. Because really, if you don't #OOTD it, did you even wear it?

The item in question is offered in a few variations: The classic women's version will cost you $590 (though the men's option is priced at $420), and the sweatshirt style gets all the way up to a you-wish price of $2,600. Clearly, these steep price tags haven't stopped ladies and gents alike from shopping the styles — in one quick scroll we were able to spot 20 people sporting the top. (Still, we can't help but wonder if there are some really good knock-offs in the mix or if they're all the real deal).

The best part, though, is that they're all worn so nonchalantly — with jeans or mini skirts and some stacked delicate jewelry — as if it's a simple shirt you dug up at the local thrift store (when in reality it's a statement piece from Gucci's 2017 Cruise collection show). Can you tell we're just a little bit jealous?

Click on to see the many different ways people are wearing this must-have tee. But be warned: You may end 2016 by making one major splurge.
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Photo via @chiaraferragni.
Pair with sky-high platforms.
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Tuck it into leather bottoms.
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Photo via @alwaysjudging.
Cover it slightly with an oversized button-up.
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Photo via @troprouge.
Dress it up with a silky skirt.
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Accessorize it to the max.
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Photo via @jemerced.
Keep it simple with high-waist jeans.
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Photo via @ellecanada.
Use it as a foundation to mix patterns.
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Photo via @blanacmiro.
Let the red stripe pop with some color-coordinated bottoms.
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Wear it with head-to-toe Gucci.
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Photo via @lucywilliams02.
Layer it under a denim jacket...
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Photo via @lenaterlutter.'s a flawless combination.
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Photo via @weworewhat.
Stay casual with an open flannel.
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Photo via @symphonyofsilk.
Balance it out with a shiny mini.
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Photo via @tashsefton.
Front tuck it.
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Photo via @styledbysally.
Style it with a floral skirt.
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Photo via @inesmiskin.
Let it peek out from under a sweatshirt.
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Photo via @andrewsdrawer.
Cuff it.
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Photo via @shalinipapas.
Suit it up.
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Photo via @pernilleteisbaek.
Slip it on with a pencil skirt.
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Photo via @peaceloveshea.
Show it off with something furry.

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