Victoria Beckham Just Said The Sweetest Things About David & I'm Crying

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Celebrities don't stop being individually awesome when they become one half of a power couple, but there's something specifically special about two stars who are able to retain their individual strengths and still be one another's ride-or-die. And if there's one couple that embodies all that, it's Victoria and David Beckham. Victoria is a designer, pop star, and fashion icon, while David is a soccer star, businessman, and total Calvin Klein goals. While these two could talk about their own individual projects for hours, it's the couple's fantastic family that Victoria is raving about these days.
In a new interview with Today, Victoria told Savannah Guthrie that she's so incredibly grateful for her hubby — the person that she considers her "soulmate" after over 18 years of marriage.
"I'm lucky that David is the most fantastic father and husband, and he's great. We're very equal at home, and we're a really, really good team."
Victoria added:
"He's the most incredible husband, fantastic father. He inspires me every day. Not just seeing him with the children and how he treats me. It just works. We're lucky to have each other."
Well, that's just adorable. Not that I would expect anything less from this couple, who revealed this year that they had renewed their vows once already during their nearly two decades of marriage.
David reiterated Victoria's statement earlier this year during a BBC Radio interview, explaining:
"Of course you make mistakes over the years, and we all know marriage is difficult at times. It's about working through it. We know each other better than anybody. People have talked about, 'Do we stay together because it's a brand?' Of course not. We stay together because we love each other, because we have four amazing children."
We are not worthy of witnessing such beautiful love between such beautiful people.

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