Twitter Had The Most Glorious Responses To #BoycottHawaii

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After a federal judge in Hawaii blocked another attempt by the Trump administration to reinstate the travel ban, self-described deplorables took to Twitter to express their feelings. With the hashtag #BoycottHawaii, users took out their anger on the sunny state. Guess they don't like beach vacations?
Last night, U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson halted Trump's revised travel order, just hours before it was set to go into effect today. The ban would have suspended admission of almost all refugees into the U.S. for 120 days. It would also have put restrictions on visas for citizens of six predominantly Muslim countries. The judge said the order was discriminatory on religious grounds, though he didn't rule on its constitutionality.
The great thing about misguided Twitter hashtags is that those who use them immediately get schooled by the majority — such is the court of public opinion. So for every earnest #BoycottHawaii tweet, there were dozens of clap-back responses: some funny, some reasonable, some equally angry.
That's exactly what happened when people decided to #BoycottStarbucks for hiring refugees and #BoycottHamilton because its actors stood up for American values; yes, both boycotts got plenty of attention, but they ultimately backfired. It's not just a smug "more for us" attitude that won over in the end: These companies really were standing up for what's right — and were too popular to lose.
First, a few of the #BoycottHawaii tweets (see below). Unfortunately, some of the ones not posted here were either racist or used a word that is disparaging to people who have cognitive disabilities.
Here's how Twitter responded to the #BoycottHawaii calls. The near-unanimous decision? More beach for us. But also, if there were any state in the union worth boycotting (in itself a questionable endeavor), it definitely wouldn't be Hawaii.
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