Facebook Just Made Contacting Your Representatives A Snap

Mark Zuckerberg, who is for sure not running for office, keeps pushing Fcebook in a subtly more political direction. The latest innovation is one that makes contacting your representatives as easy as sending your friends the latest in meme technology. Town Hall will deliver on the promise that Zuckerberg made to do something to encourage community engagement.
This seems like kind of a Democrat-leaning tool because Republican elected officials have been so abjectly terrified of facing their own constituents. (Or, indeed, their fellow members of Congress.) It's only natural, since they're in the midst of trying to rob millions of people of health care.
Here's how you use Facebook to talk to your reps. Open the mobile app, tap the menu icon in the lower right. On iPhone: At the bottom of the "Explore" column, tap "more." On Android: Tap "See all" at the bottom of the Apps part of the menu. "Town Hall" should be there, with a blue building icon. At this point, you have to decide whether or not you want to give Facebook your address, which may be a sticking point for some. The Town Hall tool will then present you with a list of state, local, and federal officials representing you. The tool allows you to Like and follow their Facebook feed or connect with them directly by tapping "Contact." The direct connection piece allows you to call your rep, or send an email to them should that contact information be publicly available on their website.
This is a pretty sweet feature. Now, go let your representatives know exactly how pissed off you are that healthcare costs could be about to go through the roof.

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