We Did Not Expect This New K-Beauty Collection

Acne can have a multitude of causes, from excessive sugar or dairy to dirt and oil on your face to hair products. But some of the peskiest pimples come from a less fixable source: hormones. Many people break out around their periods due to the accompanying hormone fluctuations. Fortunately, though, a new line of products is aiming to treat these types of zits.
The 107 ONEOSEVEN Korean Skin Care Routine collection includes three products made with fermented vinegar. The Core Flex Essential Liquid, which goes on your face after toning and before moisturizing, is a $64 "anti-aging and skin-plumping serum" aimed at "helping cells to regenerate and promoting a youthful glow." The Core Flex Cream Essence is similar, but it sells for $74 and gives "a powerful tightening and brightening effect to the skin."
Then there's the Core Flex Hydro Rich Moisturizing Cream, which moisturizes and strengthens your skin for $52 with a whole bunch of fancy-sounding ingredients. The hyalurone-B rich moroheiya helps relieve irritation, and pomegranate, red ginseng, and soy milk help keep the skin healthy and strong, along with the vinegar.
Fermented beauty products are believed to soak into your skin more easily and reduce oiliness. One Korean study even found that a lactobacillus-fermented drink helped get rid of acne and oil.
This particular line is ideal for people who break out around five days prior to their periods, a company representative told Hello Giggles. "The calming products help your skin to cope with the effects of monthly hormonal changes, such as excess sebum and oil, breakouts, and blemishes... They sooth, calm, and balance the skin with vinegar, tea tree oil, rice ferment extract, aloe extract, witch hazel extract, and blends of herbs."

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