Kellyanne Conway Has A Framed Picture Of Herself In A Blue Cloak In Her Living Room

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In 2009, Kellyanne Conway modeled for a calendar featuring 12 conservative women in politics. She was Miss January. She wore "a navy sheared beaver jacket with fox trim and detachable hood." She is deemed the "queen of polling" and is throwing quite the pose. The calendar was called "Pretty in Mink." Here's the description of the purpose of the calendar: "[it] celebrates smart, conservative women role models ... with flair. We took your some of your favorite leaders of today’s conservative movement on a journey back in time, and made them up into glamorous movie stars of classic Hollywood. Back when the big screen was a little more glamorous, women were a little more feminine, the men a little more charming — and the world a little less politically correct."
Phew. That's a lot. Now all this is just random and senseless information until you see how Conway's glamour shot came to everyone's attention. It's framed and sitting next to her couch in her living room, as spotted during an interview with The Record. Just framed alone, for her, and her guests, to look at every single day. Now, other women have done this, of course, but once you look at the picture of the picture, you'll get why it's so funny.
It just looks so out of place. And in no time, the screenshots started going viral on Twitter. Those that came across it often found that the framed portrait reminded them of a few figures from days of entertainment past.
In this one, you can't deny the likeness between Sarah Jessica Parker's Hocus Pocus character and Conway's velvet-looking getup.
(This isn't the first time someone has made this comparison though.)
Another tweeted a more hopeful message, comparing the Counselor of the United States to Jennifer Lawrence's character in The Hunger Games, specifically her hooded robe from the final film in the franchise. In it, she's part of the Resistance, which is intent on overthrowing the aging, ruthless, wealthy man in power.
And of course, there was a Parks and Recreation joke hiding around. The user compared Conway to the fictional TV news anchor of Pawnee, Joan Callamezzo, who furnishes her home with erotic paintings of herself.
I wonder if Marie Kondo would approve.

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