The Internet Has A Lot Of Feelings About These Topshop Jeans

Photo: Courtesy of Topshop.
Jeans are a pretty straight-forward staple. Sure, you can play around with the rise of the waist, the crop of the hem, or even the fit. But for the most part, it's all pretty clockwork; meaning, if you do decide to switch things up drastically, it might raise some eyebrows.
That's what Topshop appears to be discovering once the internet caught wind of its Moto Clear Patent Mom Jeans. See, this distressed denim style features two clear plastic panels halfway down the leg, in an apparent effort to make knee caps the new patch of skin to show off. Mom jeans have come pretty far, huh?
The pants in question are available at Topshop and Nordstrom, the latter of which describes the plastic panels as "[baring] your knees for a futuristic feel." (The high-street brand's own e-commerce doesn't have any other descriptor for these leg windows other than "cool.") Still, despite the interesting (?) design, a handful of lone reviews on Nordstrom's website are actually pretty positive (whether or not they're sarcastic, though, is up for interpretation). "No more lonely kneecaps!," one comment reads. "Never going back to normal jeans," says another. Unanimous five-star rating aside, the Twittersphere is a tad more skeptical about how and why such a garment exists.
For $95, facilitated knee-tanning can be yours, too. It'll compliment Urban Outfitters' Extreme Crop Tank Top Shrug quite nicely, in the head-scratching section of your wardrobe. Still, as questionable as they may seem, BuzzFeed put it best: These jeans "are dividing the nation right now." The only question is: Which side do you fall on?
We've reached out to Topshop for comment (and for answers), and will update our story when we hear back.

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